Yottaa API Documentation



Yottaa provides three kinds of API for different users, and they are:

All APIs are based RESTful style interface, you can simulate the PUT/DELETE HTTP request method using POST method by contain the _method parameter in the POST body, and the value should be put or delete. Of course you can send a real HTTP PUT/DELETE method, both will be accepted.


There are different authentication mechanisms for different kinds API, you can see more detail informations in the API page.

All APIs request need to specify your API KEY, you must register for a Yottaa account, and within the user account API Key & Authorized Apps (https://apps.yottaa.com/permissions/profile/settings) page you will see the "Your API Key" field, click the "Get new API Key" button to get your API key.

Once you have got your API Key, you can go to the API pages(Partner API, Users API) to see how to use these APIs.

Request Format

Currently we just support JSON response type, you can send the API request with the URL like:


or without the .json:


If you request an invalid resource format, you will get a:

{"error_response": {"name":"YottaaAPIError::UnsupportRequestFormat", "description":"Unsupported response}}

error response with response code 400.

And we also support JSONP request, all you need to do is add a callback parameter in the request URL, then the response will automatically call the function you defined in the callback parameter, and the API response data and all parameters in the request will be two arguments of the function call:

<script src="https://api.yottaa.com/public/profile?url=www.google.com&callback=hello&yottaa_api_key=4e2dfb5b0fccder1530e5124000b12345"></script>

and the response will be:

hello({metrics: {}}, {url: www.google.com, callback: hello, yottaa_api_key: 4e2dfb5b0fccder1530e5124000b12345});

Partner API

Click here to see the APIs.

Users API

Click here to see the APIs.